Guess what we’re up to.

It starts with an r and rhymes with schmemodeling. Oh boy… P.S. House tour tomorrow. P.P.S. Sorry our announcement wasn’t baby related. We got a few texts asking what’s up. Still not pregnant.


This was our first year to dye Easter Eggs. Memphis crushed most of them within a few minutes reminding us why we’ve never bothered to try it before. Oh well, it was still fun and no cups of dye were spilled in the process so it was a success in my book. By the way,… Continue reading

I hope it has pedals!

Am I ever going to miss a birthday post? Probably not. Am I ever going to give up my lame cake decorating attempts? Probably  not. We managed to keep the bike a surprise despite all the close calls. Ezra even saw the bike box in the car, but Brad told him it was just garbage… Continue reading

A few words on infertility

IT REALLY SUCKS!!! I’m sure I could leave it at that and get a resounding AMEN from girls everywhere who deal with the struggle that is infertility, but since I brought the topic up I may as well run with it. The thing about infertility is it’s not always easy to spot. Just because a… Continue reading