We went for a walk.

I can’t go to Dolphin Head without taking a gazillion photos with the iphone. It annoys Brad to no end. I finally talked the boys into a walk over the weekend. I sort of snuck it in – putting on their clothes and shoes when they weren’t paying attention, then springing it on them last second. Worked… Continue reading


“I go! Look, Mommy, I go!” We celebrated Memphis’s 2nd birthday last week with a glow in the dark party. Hopefully it made up for last years cake blobs ball failure. I ordered a black light for one of his gifts (for sensory play) and decided to make a theme out of it. Not as much glowed as… Continue reading

Christmas Recap

It’s not too late for a Christmas recap is it? Not in my world! Christmas 2012 included lots of food, games, toys, and late nights. I think Christmas is way more fun with kids. We were as excited for them to open their presents as they were! 🙂   James – apparently the only toy… Continue reading