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My Lillberg Rocking Chair Makeover


When I was pregnant with Ezra my mom gave me $100 to use towards a rocking chair. Money was tight so our budget for a rocker was, well, $100. As you can imagine there aren’t really any good-looking modern options in that price range. The best we could do was the Lillberg Rocker from Ikea for $200. It was comfy, but a pretty AWFUL design for rocking babies. First of all, it hardly rocks. at. all. To get any sort of motion you’ve got to slouch back, scoot your bum forward and work it. Try doing that for an hour. Buns and thighs of steel, man. I kid you not. The second major flaw is the too low back. When you are freakin exhausted  at a 2 am feeding and you doze out your head will flop back and hit solid wood. If this doesn’t render you unconscious it will at least give you a nice big goose egg on the back of your head as a parting gift. The third flaw is that it is too deep. You just spent an hour rocking your baby to sleep only to wake him up during your uncoordinated, limb-flailing attempts to get from a nearly horizontal position to standing upright. UGH. I could go on and on.

When I was pregnant with Memphis my mom offered to chip in another $100 towards my dream rocker. This meant we would have to come up with an additional $895 on our end. Ha! After my success with selling my Ikea Pello chairs. I decided to try and sell my Lillberg and use that money towards it. That didn’t happen. I listed it a couple times and got a few nibbles, but no bites. Apparently in this area you have to ask next to nothing. I asked something like $30-40 for the pair of Pello chairs and had people beating down my door to get ahold of them. $75 for this one and no takers.

Oh, well. Now I’m actually really glad it didn’t sell. I just don’t think I could part with my newly made-over chair.

Here is my before:

ikea lillberg rocker makeover

Boring. Zzzzz……

And here is my after:

ikea lillberg rocker reupholster

Hubba hubba! Come to mama! “You are hairy! Like animal!” (Austin Powers, anyone? Anyone?)

As you can imagine I spent hours slaving away on this makeover.

Not really. I just pulled out my Greek flokati. Shake. Toss. Tuck. Voila! I also turned the back cushion on its side to give more head support, but it looks great left down as well. It still isn’t good for rocking babies to sleep, but it makes for one super cute and comfy lounge chair to curl up in with a good book.

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Quirky Knitted Poufs


knitted pouf

knitted pouf

knitted pouf

knitted pouf


I never tire of a good knitted pouf and these fruit and veggie knitted poufs by Anne-Claire Petit have such personality! They’re organic, too. Isn’t that clever? I like the apple the best. Second place goes to the lemon only because it might not be easily recognizable for what it is if it’s sitting there by itself. Any of these would look super cute in an eclectic style kid’s room.

Available here.

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Hey, that’s our couch!


So, the other day I was checking out this gorgeous home on Arch Daily and stopped short when I saw this:

Modern Couch

Over in the bottom left corner. See it?

modern couch

That’s our same couch! Same color even! I feel famous by association. Okay not really, but it’s still cool.

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That Bed


I’m loving this bed. The glossy white finish and the shiny metal headboard are rocking my socks right off. I’m assuming that is a built in storage area at the foot of the bed. If so, we’re totally meant for each other. *sigh*

I’ve got a special treat in store or you lovelies tomorrow. Be sure to tune in!

Image from Nuevo Estilo via MBG

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DIY Reupholstered Egg Chair


Brad and I were considering a modern rocker we found on Craigslist for the nursery, but we wanted to recover it. The chair has a slight concave molded  shape and I’d hate to spend the money to recover it so I wanted to see if/how we could do it ourselves. That’s how I found this recovered egg chair. I’m always so impressed at any DIY upholstery project, but holy cow! (no pun intended) This one takes the cake!

reupholstered egg chair

reupholstered egg chair

In total they spent about $200. The chair in cowhide sells for $15,038.00!

cowhide egg chair

Image via DWR

Too bad there were no instructions. I also want to know how they scored an egg chair for so cheap. Lucky!! Read more about the transformation at Hip and Stingy.

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