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Quirky Knitted Poufs

  I never tire of a good knitted pouf and these fruit and veggie knitted poufs by Anne-Claire Petit have such personality! They’re organic, too. Isn’t that clever? I like the apple the best. Second place goes to the lemon only because it might not be easily recognizable for what it is if it’s sitting there by itself…. Continue reading

Hey, that’s our couch!

So, the other day I was checking out this gorgeous home on Arch Daily and stopped short when I saw this: Over in the bottom left corner. See it? That’s our same couch! Same color even! I feel famous by association. Okay not really, but it’s still cool.

That Bed

I’m loving this bed. The glossy white finish and the shiny metal headboard are rocking my socks right off. I’m assuming that is a built in storage area at the foot of the bed. If so, we’re totally meant for each other. *sigh* I’ve got a special treat in store or you lovelies tomorrow. Be… Continue reading

DIY Reupholstered Egg Chair

Brad and I were considering a modern rocker we found on Craigslist for the nursery, but we wanted to recover it. The chair has a slight concave molded  shape and I’d hate to spend the money to recover it so I wanted to see if/how we could do it ourselves. That’s how I found this… Continue reading