Jumping Back In

I’m guessing that most bloggers that stopped blogging didn’t necessarily do it on purpose. I know some did and made an official announcement. Others went quietly into the night without so much as a goodbye. The rest just got busy and blogging wasn’t a priority. You can count me in with that lastĀ group. Sorry, I… Continue reading

DIY Wood Pallet Door

As I mentioned in my last post, we made a cross-country move last fall which, as you probably deduced, means we finished the Hilton Head remodel! I fully intended to share before and afters, but I can’t find any after photos of the project to share. Figures. I know it’s been two and half years… Continue reading

Two and half years later…

Well, hello there! Gee, I miss blogging. Like really miss it. How it used to be. The connection. The memory keeping. Part journaling. Part catharsis. I’ve felt the itch for a long, LONG time, but everything else is more important. Or at least it seems to be. Blogging isn’t exactly a quick thing. You have to take… Continue reading

Pillow Talk

I’m a total commitment phobe when it comes to pillows. (Rugs too, but that’s another post.) Am I alone in this or do other people suffer the same affliction? My first problem is that I don’t like the color of the sectional. We had to pick our color from a one inch sample and went… Continue reading

Progress Update

Don’t get excited. There’s only one picture, albeit a cute one: I don’t really have much to show in the way of progress pictures. The house is in shambles: everything in boxes, furniture piled in corners, plastic sheeting everywhere. We really tried to be organized with this remodel and finish one project at a time,… Continue reading