Pillow Talk

10.17.13 | Posted by Beth

I’m a total commitment phobe when it comes to pillows. (Rugs too, but that’s another post.) Am I alone in this or do other people suffer the same affliction? My first problem is that I don’t like the color of the sectional. We had to pick our color from a one inch sample and went with slate gray. It ended up having bluish undertones. I’d like it a little better if it were a warmer gray and think it would be easier to pick rugs and pillows if that were the case. At least that’s what I’m going to blame it on.

This is our couch:

modern couch

Modern Couch

But not our house. Remember this post

The sofa is a huge 10′ long so plenty of room for pillows. Still, I don’t want to go overboard. Too many people make this mistake:

(Image via)

Where do you sit? So awkward when you visit people who decorate like this. Do you put the pillows on the floor? Is that rude? Do you perch on the edge? Jump backwards and try to land on top? Hmm…  

Anyway, I think I could fit easily fit 5-6 on our couch without it looking crazy. So let’s talk options. 

Last year I discovered this pillow from Ikea and became obsessed.

modern pillow

Apparently everyone else was too, because it was sold out for months at almost every Ikea location I checked with. I finally scored it in Atlanta on our way home from Christmas. 

I loved it, but it looked terrible sitting there with my gray standard pillows. I thought for a minute that I shouldn’t be pairing black and white with a gray couch, but after I took the gray pillows away it looked awesome. Now all I had to do was figure out what would work with this pillow and still work with my style.

One pillow that would look great with my couch and the LAPPLJUNG pillow is this one from CB2. I’ve had my eye on it since they released it forever ago. I love it. It’s hotness embodied in a pillow. It’s like a little black dress. Only not a dress and not black. But otherwise…

ranch pillow

You get it, right? It’s $59, but I have a $25 gift card to ease my tightwad conscience. Anyway, I think it would look pretty sweet with this pillow from Target.

chevron pillow

Never mind the crappy picture. Apparently Target did the photo shoot in the dark. The colors are burnt orange and bright white. My hesitation with this pillow is:

1. It’s chevron (albeit a cool variation) and chevron is so OVER DONE.


2.  It’s $50. That’s like 3 – 5x what I normally am willing to spend on a pillow. BUT my mom always says it’s worth splurging on something if you know your going to love it. I’m just not 100% sure it’s a sing it from the rooftops kind of love.

I was in Target the other day on a mommy/son date with Ezra and after perusing the toy section for an hour, I told him it was time to look at my toys. We headed over to the decor section and eventually made our way over to the pillows. You have to check everything when you’re at Target, because you never know if something cool is on sale. Turns out they were having a [measly] 10% off sale on pillows. But I gladly took whatever I could get $1.69 off this pillow

modern pillow


Cute, right? Ezra gave it two thumbs up and put it  in my cart right away (and like 5 others which I had to sneak back on the rack). It’s happily lounging on the womb chair as we speak. 

Now if I have the Ikea pillow, the gray checkered pillow and the [potential] CB2 pillow as a starting point, all I need to do is bring in color. The chevron pillow is one option, but like I said, I’m just not sure it’s for me. After digging around a little I found several pillows that I’m totally crushing on. Behold:

 modern pillows

I’m not getting all of these. They’re just options. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 I have/will have. Number 7 is a definite and I think #1 is as well, but really, I like them all. Numbers 9 and 12 are normally $170, but are on a crazy clearance sale right now for $35. The problem is it’s just a cover so I have to pay extra for an insert. Also, shipping is like $8 for small piece of fabric. Same story with #8. It’s a Dwell Studio cover so I would have to pay extra for the insert. It’s on “sale” for $110, but you know there is no way I could every pay that much for a pillow. I’m thinking I could easily DIY them both. Numbers 10 and 11 are from Target. I think I need some solid colors. Do you agree? Maybe I should get the Target chevron now and bring the color in at the new year. Thoughts? Feelings? Emotions? Feel free to share your opinions and give me some pillow advice. 




Progress Update

06.11.13 | Posted by Beth

Don’t get excited. There’s only one picture, albeit a cute one: 


I don’t really have much to show in the way of progress pictures. The house is in shambles: everything in boxes, furniture piled in corners, plastic sheeting everywhere. We really tried to be organized with this remodel and finish one project at a time, but I can only take so much painting before I want to tear my hair out. I hate painting. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like it. Brad makes me do all the edging. He uses this lame excuse of how he would do a terrible job and I’m so precise yada yada. Cop-out. Anyway, there is an insane amount of trim in this house so it takes FOR.EV.ER. We’ve painted for weeks now and still have so much left to do! I tell you what, though, it is SO NICE to be rid of all the horribly dark paint colors in this house! The picture above more accurately shows the old blue color in our bedroom. Awful. The pictures of the master bedroom in the before tour make the wall color look much lighter really was. 

So am I alone when I say I loathe painting or do any of you feel the same? Chime in.  



The Home Tour

04.18.13 | Posted by Beth

For those of you who might be confused as to why we’re remodeling when we’re supposed to be building here’s the dealio: we bought our rental house. Our lease was set to expire in March and our landlord said it was no problem to renew for another 6 – 9 months. Two weeks later he texts us and says he’s selling the house. Great. We scoured local listings, but rentals are hard to come by on the island. Plus, they’re crazy expensive – usually $1700 and up. We found this house after hitting refresh on craigslist every half hour for three months straight. Not kidding. 

We didn’t want to move into an apartment and we dreaded the thought of having to show the house all the time, so on a crazy whim we put in an offer. We haven’t decided yet if we’ll sell it right away or keep it as a rental like we did with the Beaufort house.

I know I gave somewhat of a tour when we first moved in, but here it is slightly cleaner and without boxes and pantyliners all over the place:

front exterior

It’s your typical older home on the island. It was built in the late 70’s. With the exception of those bushes, the property is beautiful. The house, on the other hand, needs a serious makeover. 


dining / entry before

This is the dining room. Technically it’s more of a breakfast nook area, but we don’t use the dining room as a dining room. Kenzie is the worst photo bomber. 


dining room before

Here’s another view of the dining room. I can’t figure out why they didn’t install a third window. It’s always annoyed me. It looks off centered from the inside and the outside. The dining table was left by the landlord. It’s ugly, but fits perfectly in the space. We’ll give it a little makeover, too. 


kitchen before

This is the view from the entry to the dining room and on to the kitchen. That door on the left is a walk in pantry. The door beside the stove leads in to the laundry room.


kitchen before

The appliances will all have to go. The racks in the dishwasher are broken and rusted. I consider getting a tetanus booster every time I wash dishes. 


kitchen before

WHY is there a fan in the kitchen? Seriously? That’s so gross. Fans get dusty and even if you use a swiffer you’re still going to have bits of dust flying about. And the countertops? I can’t even talk about them without seeing red. 


kitchen before

The kitchen is kind of a wide galley style. It’s spacious, but useless. There’s no room for anything. Is that an oxymoron? Spacious with no room? 



Here’s a view from the other direction. 


dining / living room

The kitchen exits into what should be the dining room. As you can see my beast of a treadmill takes up all that space. I have no idea what to replace that boobie light with so if you have any suggestions feel free to share.



The fireplace is terrible. Rather than removing the existing tile, the owner added another piece of backer board to the floor and tiled on top. It’s warped and cracked and ugly. And the tiles on the surround were just glued on. They’re loose and wiggle. (Also, I know the picture is off center, but didn’t want to put any nails in the walls so I just used the one that was there.) 



Here. Enjoy this cuteness while your eyeballs rest from all the ugly this house tour is throwing at you. 


living room

Living room complete with a tiny TV. I can’t justify getting a new one, because we don’t really use this one.


entry / hall

On the left is a view from the living room to the entry. That door is an eyesore. On the right is the hall towards the entry/closet. That shelf is a junk/catchall area.



This is the boys’ bathroom. So much to do. The medicine cabinet is awful and rusty and that caulking will NOT come clean, so we’ll need to cut that out. We’ve got lots to do ya’ll. 


boys' room before

boys' room before

This is the boys’ room.


master bedroom / office

This is the office nook. I’m not really sure what it’s intended purpose is, but that’s what we use it for. These pictures are being far too kind to this wall color. It’s really ugly in person.  


master bedroom

I call this stack in the corner the leaning tower of Eames. We’ve had the red LCW out in the living room forever, but the other two have lived in their boxes the past 5 years. Those doors are for the beach house and they are incredibly heavy. Brad and I can hardly lift them together which is why I didn’t bother to move them out of the picture. I think Kenzie makes the shot. She makes any room look better.  :)


master bathroom

This is the master bath and the end of the tour. Thank you for coming. Enjoy the rest of your stay.



Guess what we’re up to.

04.11.13 | Posted by Beth

hardwood flooring samples

It starts with an r and rhymes with schmemodeling. 

Oh boy…

P.S. House tour tomorrow. 

P.P.S. Sorry our announcement wasn’t baby related. We got a few texts asking what’s up. Still not pregnant.




04.10.13 | Posted by Beth

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

This was our first year to dye Easter Eggs. Memphis crushed most of them within a few minutes reminding us why we’ve never bothered to try it before. Oh well, it was still fun and no cups of dye were spilled in the process so it was a success in my book. By the way, brown eggs dye the prettiest. The colors (while they lasted) were gorgeous.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

“Can we hunt Easter eggs today?” was the question asked at least 10x a day during the three weeks prior to Easter. I just love how much excitement the boys have been for holidays and birthdays. Ezra’s already asking how many days until his next birthday! (It was two months ago. Two posts ago in blog time… shameful I know.) 

Remember the fun little project a alluded to last week? I’m putting together the announcement now. Stay tuned!