Meet Our New Sponsors

I’m so excited to introduce you to our new sponsors!  Each one has a great sale happening right now, so be sure to check them out! (And stay tuned for some giveaways!)

Baby WrapDo you know someone who is expecting a baby? Get them a Happy Baby Wrap! It’s been my experience that no baby can stay awake longer than 5 minutes in a baby wrap. Plus, there are like a million and one benefits from wearing your baby. I’m a huge fan of babywearing and I still occasionally carry Memphis in my Happy Wraps. He loves it!

Happy Wrap is having a whopping 40% off sale right now so you can snag a bamboo wrap for just $33 each. Crazy. I promise you will never EVER see a wrap that cheap, especially a bamboo one, so go buy like 5 now!

Ankita is an uber talented graphic artist that runs two shops on Etsy: TexturedINK and Urban Tickle. Both shops are filled with modern prints that would look great in any room. The Bicycle and Balloons print above can actually be used as a wedding guestbook with each guest signing a balloon. How cute/creative is that? Love it!

I’ve been admiring the You Are My Sunshine print from afar for about a year now, but I think this Golden Slumbers print might be even cuter. Now is the time to pull the trigger because it’s Cyber Monday and everything is both shops is on sale 15% off!

The gnomes. Oh, the gnomes! I about died when I saw them. They are so CUTE! Swedish Inspirations has lots of great Scandinavian decor for the holidays and year round and all at an affordable price. I’ve discovered that the problem with having sponsors is that you want to buy one of everything. 🙂 Ezra has asked me get him “Max” (the horse from Tangled) so I’ll be picking up a couple of those. Lots of items are on sale right now. Go forth and shop!

P.S. If you are interested in sponsoring The Modern Home contact us today. Rates are very small business friendly.

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