Jumping Back In

Ezra and Memphis at Brookside

I’m guessing that most bloggers that stopped blogging didn’t necessarily do it on purpose. I know some did and made an official announcement. Others went quietly into the night without so much as a goodbye. The rest just got busy and blogging wasn’t a priority.

You can count me in with that last group.

Sorry, I guess?

I know I’ve never been great with consistency when it comes to blogging, but I didn’t intend to take so much time off. I was pretty sure I’d get back into it with my posts last year (after a two year hiatus). We saw how well that went.

Now that I’ve been away so long, I find the biggest challenge to jumping back in is not knowing where to pick up. We’ve had a lot of changes as a family. Do I start with those? They were big! A pregnancy. A loss. A move. A baby. Each deserves its own post. Do I start in order? And what about fun house projects we’ve done? Sprinkle them in?

I figure I lost most followers anyway during my hiatus so now is as good time as any to change things up a bit and include some other random girly things I’m interested in. I’d love to document my attempts at a capsule wardrobe. Or my fitness journey after having a baby. We’ll see. If I can carve out the time, I think it will be fun!

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