Roof Deck? Maybe…

roof deck on modern home

We’ve been tweaking the house plans the last couple of weeks – adding, simplifying, correcting the what-the-heck-were-we-thinking parts of the floor plan. We only had two weeks to draw up the plans initially (almost two years ago!) for the rehab we had planned, but since we’re now building from scratch and can take our sweet time, we’re finding there are quite a few modifications we’d like to have done.

We’re currently debating whether or not to add a roof deck. It could be awesome town up there, but there’s a catch: we have no idea if we have an ocean view or not. Kinda important otherwise what the heck is the point in a roof deck? (Other than nude sunbathing of course… which we don’t plan to do… *ahem*)

We aren’t that far back from the beach and our house should be tall enough, but our neighbors house is slightly taller than ours because they have a traditional high pitch roof. See?

We aren’t the only ones who had this kooky idea that we might have a view. When we brought our contractor to the lot one of the first things he said was that we MUST plan for a roof deck. We were so excited that he, too, thought we might have a view that we responded by jumping up and down and clapping.

Okay, maybe there wasn’t any jumping. Or clapping. We totally played it cool. On the outside at least…

There is a chance that if we place the roof deck in the front our our house that we might be able have an unobstructed ocean view. Like this:

Okay, stop judging my lame,¬†disproportionate, and incorrect drawing.¬†Yes, there’s a tree there that I didn’t draw and yes, umbrellas aren’t the size of houses, but you get the idea. Anyway, the only way to really know for sure whether or not we have an ocean view is to rent a cherry picker and raise it to the level of our future roof.

But that will take time and effort.

And money.

And we’re lazy.

And cheap.

So… we’ve put it on the back burner. We plan to wait until the house is framed to see what we got, then we’ll go from there. Fingers crossed!

BTW, if we do end up adding a roof deck we don’t plan to do anything too fancy. (Fancy = $$$) We’ll just do something simple like the top image. To which Brad laughs and says the top image is fancy. Whatevs dude. I’m saying we slap some decking and a little railing up there and call it good.

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  1. chad November 25, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    Just a suggestion. You could model your home and those between yours and the ocean with Google SketchUp and get a pretty good idea about the view. Nothing fancy, just boxes with the right footprints and heights along with the roof shapes. Georeference them with Google Earth and you can stand on your virtual roof for free.

  2. Beth November 25, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Hi, Chad. We’ve been (slowly) putting together our house with SketchUp. I hadn’t thought to connect it with Google Earth. Great idea! Thanks!

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