We went for a walk.








I can’t go to Dolphin Head without taking a gazillion photos with the iphone. It annoys Brad to no end.

I finally talked the boys into a walk over the weekend. I sort of snuck it in – putting on their clothes and shoes when they weren’t paying attention, then springing it on them last second. Worked like a charm. We used to go on a daily 4 mile jaunt, but Ezra got burnt out. I suppose that is a long way on a tricycle. So we’ve been taking a break the past few months and it’s, um, showing. Let’s just say I’ve added a little extra padding to help keep me warm during these long winter months. I started another cleansing juice fast and I’m proud to say I stuck with it for two whole days before Brad said those three magic words: Original Pancake House. I just can’t say no to Hawaiian Pancakes and I figured I just walked at least half of the calories off. Plus, I felt it had been long enough since “the incident” that we could show our faces again. Maybe I’ll share that story sometime. Maybe tomorrow? Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and Hawaiian Pancakes. It was a nice weekend. 

2 Comments We went for a walk.

  1. Kiyara January 17, 2013 at 7:06 am

    Beauuuutiful pictures…amazed that these are from i phone…very nice!

    1. Beth January 17, 2013 at 2:12 pm

      I feel like I hardly ever pull out my DSLR camera lately. The iphone is just more convenient 🙂


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