I hope it has pedals!

ezra 0213

ezra 0213

ezra's 5th birthday

ezra's 5th birthday

Am I ever going to miss a birthday post? Probably not.

Am I ever going to give up my lame cake decorating attempts? Probably  not.

We managed to keep the bike a surprise despite all the close calls. Ezra even saw the bike box in the car, but Brad told him it was just garbage we needed to drop off for recycling. After the party when Brad was putting his helmet on the lightbulb went off: “Hey that box wasn’t garbage. That was from my bike!”

Love that boy.

Check out his reaction. He’s so cute.

1 Comment I hope it has pedals!

  1. Mufo March 3, 2013 at 10:10 am

    So cute


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