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I hope it has pedals!

Am I ever going to miss a birthday post? Probably not. Am I ever going to give up my lame cake decorating attempts? Probably  not. We managed to keep the bike a surprise despite all the close calls. Ezra even saw the bike box in the car, but Brad told him it was just garbage… Continue reading


“I go! Look, Mommy, I go!” We celebrated Memphis’s 2nd birthday last week with a glow in the dark party. Hopefully it made up for last years cake blobs ball failure. I ordered a black light for one of his gifts (for sensory play) and decided to make a theme out of it. Not as much glowed as… Continue reading

He’s 4!

Hard to believe my baby is 4. He looks so much older to me. I’m pretty sure he shoots up at least a foot the month before each birthday. He’s so special and sweet (most of the time) I could just eat him up. Here’s the cake. I think I’m getting better at this. Maybe…… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Memphis!

We celebrated Memphis’s 1st birthday Monday. He received a lot of ball related presents, so I decided to run with the theme and make cake balls. (FYI cake balls are gross. At least to me. *Gag*) Memphis, you have been an absolute joy and a blessing to our little family. Seriously. Sweetest. Baby. Ever. We… Continue reading

Ezra is 3!

We celebrated Ezra’s birthday this past week. I can’t believe my baby is three years old now! Can you? I could swear I was nursing him and rocking him to sleep just a couple of months ago. Has it really been three whole years? It’s unbelievable to me how fast the time goes. (Actually he… Continue reading