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This was our first year to dye Easter Eggs. Memphis crushed most of them within a few minutes reminding us why we’ve never bothered to try it before. Oh well, it was still fun and no cups of dye were spilled in the process so it was a success in my book. By the way,… Continue reading

Christmas Recap

It’s not too late for a Christmas recap is it? Not in my world! Christmas 2012 included lots of food, games, toys, and late nights. I think Christmas is way more fun with kids. We were as excited for them to open their presents as they were!   James – apparently the only toy we… Continue reading

The Christmas Lights at North Forest Beach

We packed up the kiddos and headed down to North Forest Beach Saturday night to check out the Christmas lights we’d heard tale of. A group of neighbors gets together each year to decorate their entire street with twinkle lights and pump the night sky with bubbles and Christmas tunes. Nothing professional, but it’s magical… Continue reading