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Inheriting new plants

We recently inherited a few plants from our tenant in the Beaufort house – an aloe plant, two dracaena marginata looking plants and this one pictured here with my purple toes. I forget the name so if you recognize it feel free to shout it out. And then after you feel silly for talking to… Continue reading

snake in the grass

We’ve spotted this little guy (or girl?) around the yard a few times this summer. If a black cat crossing your path is bad luck, what is a black snake crossing your path? I’ve recently (since taking these shots) decided I need a better zoom lens. I’m not really scared of snakes, but when you… Continue reading

A Mild Winter

To say it’s been a mild winter would be putting it, well, mildly. It’s January and the Magnolias are already in full bloom. I look forward to this time every year. For just a couple of weeks everything is pink and pretty. I love it! I know I’m a wuss when it comes to winter. I… Continue reading

I want a pretty garden hose.

I’ll take this blue one from terrain. It’s only $58. Is that a lot? It doesn’t seem like it. Maybe I should know how much a garden hose is, but it’s been a while since we bought a new plain old boring green one. Crate & Barrel has a few summery colors, too, for those… Continue reading

Urban Garden Makeover

Gosh, I love modern gardens. Okay, any type of garden really, but a nice clean design with modern elements just sings to me. This urban garden makeover from Greenlines Home & Garden Ltd featured on Design Milk today is definitely going in my inspiration folder.