A few things

1. Anyone else have a countdown going for Friday? We’ve been phone-less for about a week now. Actually my phone died back in April, so I’m DESPERATE to have my own again. I’ve been forwarding all of my calls to Brad for the past several months. Unfortunately, I couldn’t forward my texts, so just know that I haven’t intentionally ignored anyone. 🙂  Brad sold his unlocked iphone on Saturday for enough money to cover his new one. (Who doesn’t like a free upgrade?) He’s going through withdrawals, though. He’s got the shakes big time. Friday can’t come soon enough!

2. Ezra gave his first ever talk in Primary last Sunday. We didn’t find out that he was assigned one until the night before so he gave his part for the upcoming primary program. I wish I could have recorded it or at least got a picture because it’s such a sweet little milestone and he knocked it out of the park! I kept hearing Lucy from the front row saying “Oh, he’s so CUTE!”

3. I think it’s safe to say Memphis is officially potty trained. He very rarely has accidents, but I’m still a little leery of letting him wear underwear when I run errands. You have maybe 5-10 minutes to get to a potty when he announces he needs to go (just picture me mowing down my fellow Target shoppers in my haste to get to the restroom in time) so I stick him in a diaper just in case. Maybe we’re a 9 on a scale of 10. (10 being done.)

4. Brad joined a country club. I have a hard time typing that without laughing. I’m wondering if he’s the youngest member because apparently he’s pretty big news around the club. Can you believe they give a discount if you’re under 55? Like a “non-senior citizen” discount or something. He played golf with the president and vice president on Saturday and has since received a few calls to play rounds with people he’s never met. The vice president called today to invite him to be a member of the board. He’s hoping to score a spot on the club team so he can play the other courses on the island.

5. Our architect is making a few changes to the house plans. Can’t wait to see them.

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