Our Halloween

Halloween 2012 - the Modern Home

Halloween 2012 - the Modern Home

Dragons have long tongues.

Halloween 2012 - the Modern Home

He valiantly fought all the trees. And shrubs. And pinecones.

Halloween 2012 - the Modern Home blog


Halloween 2012 - the Modern Home

Okay, so really we’re just plain old vikings, but we knew that the only way to get Ezra on board (especially since race car driver was on the table at one point) was to tell him we were going to be the characters fromĀ How to Train Your Dragon. It was the only way to explain what a viking was and muster up some enthusiasm. So there you go. Most people thought he wasn’t part of our theme, but at least the youth at the ward trunk-or-treat got it.

I usually DIY everyone’s costumes, but this year I went with ease and ordered Ezra’s online. I picked out the viking accessories (sword, shield, wig & hat) at the same place. I lucked out with the brown fleece fabric. The cheapest fabric I could find was $4 a yard, but Walmart had big fleece blankets on sale for just over $2 each (!!!) so we bought one of those to cut up. The faux fur fabrics were from JoAnns and were on a half off sale.

We were the only trick-or-treaters that showed up for most people. They loved it. Ezra, on the other hand: “Okay that’s enough candy. Let’s go home.” after every. single. house. Kids these days.

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