Progress Update


Don’t get excited. There’s only one picture, albeit a cute one: 


I don’t really have much to show in the way of progress pictures. The house is in shambles: everything in boxes, furniture piled in corners, plastic sheeting everywhere. We really tried to be organized with this remodel and finish one project at a time, but I can only take so much painting before I want to tear my hair out. I hate painting. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like it. Brad makes me do all the edging. He uses this lame excuse of how he would do a terrible job and I’m so precise yada yada. Cop-out. Anyway, there is an insane amount of trim in this house so it takes FOR.EV.ER. We’ve painted for weeks now and still have so much left to do! I tell you what, though, it is SO NICE to be rid of all the horribly dark paint colors in this house! The picture above more accurately shows the old blue color in our bedroom. Awful. The pictures of the master bedroom in the before tour make the wall color look much lighter really was. 

So am I alone when I say I loathe painting or do any of you feel the same? Chime in.  



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2 Responses to “Progress Update”

  1. Amy says:

    How can you hate anything with those two to hang out with?? J/K. I’m sure even they have un-cute moments.

  2. Samry says:

    They definitely look like they know what theyre doing, do you have a contact for them?haha