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Progress Update

Don’t get excited. There’s only one picture, albeit a cute one: I don’t really have much to show in the way of progress pictures. The house is in shambles: everything in boxes, furniture piled in corners, plastic sheeting everywhere. We really tried to be organized with this remodel and finish one project at a time,… Continue reading

The Home Tour

For those of you who might be confused as to why we’re remodeling when we’re supposed to be building here’s the dealio: we bought our rental house. Our lease was set to expire in March and our landlord said it was no problem to renew for another 6 – 9 months. Two weeks later he… Continue reading

Guess what we’re up to.

It starts with an r and rhymes with schmemodeling. Oh boy… P.S. House tour tomorrow. P.P.S. Sorry our announcement wasn’t baby related. We got a few texts asking what’s up. Still not pregnant.