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Progress Update


Don’t get excited. There’s only one picture, albeit a cute one: 


I don’t really have much to show in the way of progress pictures. The house is in shambles: everything in boxes, furniture piled in corners, plastic sheeting everywhere. We really tried to be organized with this remodel and finish one project at a time, but I can only take so much painting before I want to tear my hair out. I hate painting. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like it. Brad makes me do all the edging. He uses this lame excuse of how he would do a terrible job and I’m so precise yada yada. Cop-out. Anyway, there is an insane amount of trim in this house so it takes FOR.EV.ER. We’ve painted for weeks now and still have so much left to do! I tell you what, though, it is SO NICE to be rid of all the horribly dark paint colors in this house! The picture above more accurately shows the old blue color in our bedroom. Awful. The pictures of the master bedroom in the before tour make the wall color look much lighter really was. 

So am I alone when I say I loathe painting or do any of you feel the same? Chime in.  


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Sew excited!


I love me a cheesy post title.


Does anyone else make birthday goals instead of new year resolutions? Just me? Okay.

One of my goals for this year is to get my craft on. I’ve spent the summer altering a few things I already have, but I’d like to expand my skill set a little and try making my own clothes; not just Halloween costumes, but stuff I’m actually willing to wear out in public. I’ve come across a few easy looking tutorials here and there, but easy is a relative term seeing as how these girls have mad sewing skills and I’m the kind of girl who resorts to safety pins, glue and duct tape if need be to get the job done.

I ordered the above fabric from here. They were running a 20% off special so I scored most of it for $4 or less per yard. If it works out I’ll have several cute tops that cost less than a few bucks each! Woo to the hoo!

I also ordered several yards of white oilcloth for the kids’ craft table and a half yard of gold velvet that will live its future life as a pillow on my cozied-up-for-fall couch. It’s gonna look hot.

You can follow my craft pin board here.

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My Lillberg Rocking Chair Makeover


When I was pregnant with Ezra my mom gave me $100 to use towards a rocking chair. Money was tight so our budget for a rocker was, well, $100. As you can imagine there aren’t really any good-looking modern options in that price range. The best we could do was the Lillberg Rocker from Ikea for $200. It was comfy, but a pretty AWFUL design for rocking babies. First of all, it hardly rocks. at. all. To get any sort of motion you’ve got to slouch back, scoot your bum forward and work it. Try doing that for an hour. Buns and thighs of steel, man. I kid you not. The second major flaw is the too low back. When you are freakin exhausted  at a 2 am feeding and you doze out your head will flop back and hit solid wood. If this doesn’t render you unconscious it will at least give you a nice big goose egg on the back of your head as a parting gift. The third flaw is that it is too deep. You just spent an hour rocking your baby to sleep only to wake him up during your uncoordinated, limb-flailing attempts to get from a nearly horizontal position to standing upright. UGH. I could go on and on.

When I was pregnant with Memphis my mom offered to chip in another $100 towards my dream rocker. This meant we would have to come up with an additional $895 on our end. Ha! After my success with selling my Ikea Pello chairs. I decided to try and sell my Lillberg and use that money towards it. That didn’t happen. I listed it a couple times and got a few nibbles, but no bites. Apparently in this area you have to ask next to nothing. I asked something like $30-40 for the pair of Pello chairs and had people beating down my door to get ahold of them. $75 for this one and no takers.

Oh, well. Now I’m actually really glad it didn’t sell. I just don’t think I could part with my newly made-over chair.

Here is my before:

ikea lillberg rocker makeover

Boring. Zzzzz……

And here is my after:

ikea lillberg rocker reupholster

Hubba hubba! Come to mama! “You are hairy! Like animal!” (Austin Powers, anyone? Anyone?)

As you can imagine I spent hours slaving away on this makeover.

Not really. I just pulled out my Greek flokati. Shake. Toss. Tuck. Voila! I also turned the back cushion on its side to give more head support, but it looks great left down as well. It still isn’t good for rocking babies to sleep, but it makes for one super cute and comfy lounge chair to curl up in with a good book.

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My New Boppy Cover


Hope you had a lovely Easter (a week ago)! We headed up to Tennessee that weekend to visit with family and friends. Actually, the main reason for going was to throw a baby shower for my sister. She’s expecting a boy in August. (Yay!)

One of my planned gifts to Erin/Braden was to make a custom bedding set. Now, I’m not exactly the queen of sewing and I didn’t want to screw up my sister’s boppy cover so I started out on my own. I’m not thrilled with this fabric, but it was the best I could find at JoAnns that was both modern and coordinated with the color palate in the boys’ room. I like the chocolate minky on the back, though. It’s soooo nice and soft… mmmm.

Check this out:

Oh yeah! That’s me rockin’ my very first zipper install all by myself!

Now I don’t exactly have a tutorial to share or anything. All I did was pin my original cover to the fabric and cut around it. Once mine was sewn and adjustments were made, we did the same thing with my sister’s fabric.

Most of these pics are of Erin working on her cover. I swear I wasn’t like “Hey, here’s your gift. Make it yourself.” I kept getting called away on baby duty. :)

Fits like a glove! BTW, does this not totally look like an awesome afro? I kept putting it on my head and doing my most fabulous diva poses.

Check the zipper:

Nailed it!

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DIY Asterisk Clock


The creative minds at Curbly are sharing how to make your own snazzy asterisk clock for less than $10 bucks. (The real thing retails for $300!) Go check it out!

Image via Curbly

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