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Pillow Talk

I’m a total commitment phobe when it comes to pillows. (Rugs too, but that’s another post.) Am I alone in this or do other people suffer the same affliction? My first problem is that I don’t like the color of the sectional. We had to pick our color from a one inch sample and went… Continue reading

My New Boppy Cover

Hope you had a lovely Easter (a week ago)! We headed up to Tennessee that weekend to visit with family and friends. Actually, the main reason for going was to throw a baby shower for my sister. She’s expecting a boy in August. (Yay!) One of my planned gifts to Erin/Braden was to make a… Continue reading

World’s Most Popular Pillow

And the award goes to… Ikea’s Stockholm Cushion!! Okay so maybe it doesn’t hold any official title, but I think it should. I’ve seen it in like a gazillion interior shots. Here are a few: Second place goes to another cushion from Ikea: You’ve got to admit, they look good no matter what room they’re… Continue reading