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Pillow Talk

I’m a total commitment phobe when it comes to pillows. (Rugs too, but that’s another post.) Am I alone in this or do other people suffer the same affliction? My first problem is that I don’t like the color of the sectional. We had to pick our color from a one inch sample and went… Continue reading

Modern Christmas Advent

I seem to change my mind with Christmas decor every year. This year it’s black and white. I found this free DIY advent download at HEY LOOK. It’s total eye candy for the graphic designer in me. They’re pretty to look at, but I’m going to place these in the FAIL category for Young Family advent… Continue reading

Easy Gallery Wall

Here is a unique (and cheap) idea for a gallery wall: electrical tape! The tape binds more easily to bumpy walls and allows renters to avoid putting holes in the drywall. It makes quite an impact with black and white photos. Via Hanna

DIY Asterisk Clock

The creative minds at Curbly are sharing how to make your own snazzy asterisk clock for less than $10 bucks. (The real thing retails for $300!) Go check it out! Image via Curbly