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DIY Headboard

I just love a good DIY project (I also love a yellow & gray color scheme, weathered wood, and sliding barn doors for that matter). Let me tell you, Dana and her ‘handy hubby’ over at House*Tweaking are rocking the DIY. Check out the custom headboard and sliding barn door they created from old fence… Continue reading

Color Coded Bookshelves

Color coded bookshelves: love it  or hate it? I personally love the look. How could you not like a happy little rainbow of color on your shelves? The only problem I would have is dividing up all the different series I have with multiple color books. As your collection grows how are you supposed to… Continue reading

Knitted Wallpaper

Knitted Room wallpaper is a new collection designed by the London-based artist Chae Young Kim for SurfaceView. Kinda cozy. I’m also digging that bed. Via Ideas to Steal & Living Etc.

Nursery Rug

Everyone keeps asking what our theme is for our nursery. We actually don’t have one. We’ve decided to keep it simple and modern – something that he can grow into. I came across the perfect rug at Not Neutral and it has led to the inspiration for the room design. Now all we need is… Continue reading