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My New Boppy Cover

Hope you had a lovely Easter (a week ago)! We headed up to Tennessee that weekend to visit with family and friends. Actually, the main reason for going was to throw a baby shower for my sister. She’s expecting a boy in August. (Yay!) One of my planned gifts to Erin/Braden was to make a… Continue reading

bumGenius Cloth Diaper Repair

So here is my  bumGenius diaper repair tutorial. Yes, it’s a day late. But hey, it’s not easy doing a sewing project when your toddler wants to play with the robot (aka sewing machine) and you’re holding a newborn that wants to eat every 10 minutes! So we’ve been using cloth diapers for a little… Continue reading

Happy Friday!

I’ll be spending my weekend replacing the velcro tabs on our bumGenius cloth diapers. They really wore out in the two years that Ezra used them. I have a few ideas that I hope will extend the life of the velcro this time around. I’ll explain more on Monday. (ooh suspense!) Hope you have a… Continue reading

Bear of Few Words

How cute is this print? If you look closely, it’s made up almost entirely of the word “bear”. I want one for the nursery. I’m not sure what shipping would end up costing me, but the price for the print is only £10.00. Available here. Found via.