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The Glow

Talk about eye candy! The photography and the interiors featured on the Glow are obsess worthy. Go check it out. Found via.

Bear of Few Words

How cute is this print? If you look closely, it’s made up almost entirely of the word “bear”. I want one for the nursery. I’m not sure what shipping would end up costing me, but the price for the print is only £10.00. Available here. Found via.

Creative Kids Room

I love creative setups like this for childrens rooms. This room is shared by three kids in a small Paris apartment featured in Marie Claire Maison. The parents built the bed themselves and created separate areas sleeping, storage and play. I wish there were more pictures of this room!

Funky Chicken

It’s big. It’s green. It rocks. (literally) Say hello to the Green Chicken by Jaime Hayon. I want one. For the kids of course. Yeah… that’s right… for the kids…

Mid Century Modern Playhouse

Talk about a cool children’s playhouse! It seems as though it would be relatively simple to construct as well, with it’s clean lines and common materials. This modern play home was designed and built by the owner. He wasn’t a builder or architect so if he can do it, that gives me hope! Read more… Continue reading