Modern Home – Eichler Remodel

I love Eichler. (Is there anyone who doesn’t??) I often fantasize about living in this modern house. So needless to say I totally drooled over the photography in this Metropolitan Home article. A former dancer renovated her mid-century Eichler in a minimalist style. Simply beautiful.

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  1. Mini October 3, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    thank you for sharing,
    I am also a hugh fan of Eichler-homes. I never saw a original house “live”, because I live in Europe.
    So what I do is, surch the internet to see new pictures, I bought the book “Eichler, modernism rebuilds the american dream, and I once won an “Eichler-calender (from a real-estate comp.)
    I hope someday to visit the west coast and make an “architect” trip. I would also like to see some Krisel-homes .

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