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Modern Atlanta Home Tour

The 2010 Modern Atlanta Home Tour is this weekend so if you’re looking for something fun to do and you live in or relatively close to Atlanta be sure to check it out. Cost for tickets to the self guided tour are only $35 for both Saturday and Sunday which includes entrance to the MA09-Design… Continue reading

Modern Home Remodel

I came across a fantastic modern home remodel on Plastolux yesterday. The owner renovated a standard house and with a lot of hard work and some mad DIY skills turned it into a sweet modern abode. Based on his description it sounds like the house was almost as crappy as the one we had planned… Continue reading

Hang Tight!

It recently occurred to me that we haven’t posted an update on our modern house in ages.  Sorry about that! I’ll put a post together for you full of all the juicy details. There have been lots of changes. I mean LOTS! (Actually “lots” might just be a keyword… Ooh teaser!!) So stay tuned!