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Staircase Slide

Wheee! How fun would this be? I wonder how often I would actually use the stair part. I really like the stairs designed by London architect Alex Michaelis for his kids in the second image. This is definitely going in *Dream House* file. Via ohdeedho.

Modern Home – Eichler Remodel

I love Eichler. (Is there anyone who doesn’t??) I often fantasize about living in this modern house. So needless to say I totally drooled over the photography in this Metropolitan Home article. A former dancer renovated her mid-century Eichler in a minimalist style. Simply beautiful.

Modern Home – Creek House

Creek House by Roger Ferris + Partners. I love how bright and airy this modern home is. The window walls let light flood in and provide a fantastic view of the landscape. I like all the framed prints in this home. I smell you on my skin. Sexy. I wish I was brave enough to… Continue reading

My secret lair

In case you were wondering what the entrance to my superhero secret lair might look like, this is it: Of course it’s hidden under a rug in a secret room behind a bookshelf. (Oh drats! I’ve said too much!) For all you wine enthusiasts (who don’t have alter-egos), it could be used as a wine… Continue reading

Modern Home – Shine House

The Shine House by Koning Eizenberg incorporated strategic use of plywood sheerwalls to avoid steel framing and help control costs. This modern home won the 2004 Residential Architect Merit Award.