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Ikea Hack – Modern Outdoor Rocker

Looking for some modern outdoor furniture on the cheap? Check this out! After his Emmabo Rocking Chair bit the dust, Alex (a.k.a. Ikea hacker extraordinaire) salvaged the frames and gave them new life as modern outdoor deck chairs. This is without a doubt one of the best Ikea hacks I’ve ever seen. I’m definitely keeping… Continue reading

Some people have all the luck…

Dear Morgan, I hate you. No, I don’t. You’re great. I’m just lashing out because I’m super jealous. Scoring an Eames Lounge (from Mr. Mister?!) for $50 bucks? Check out that gorgeous grain! *Sigh* Some people have all the luck. ~ Beth

Our Modern Home: Choosing a new location

As you may remember form our last update, we walked away from the house we had planned to remodel into a modern home and decided to build from scratch instead. Since then we’ve been scouting around the island looking for a new location to build our modern house. We have a few requirements that the… Continue reading

What the ??

Snow? Here?? We moved here to escape cold snowy winters! (Not really. That was just a nice bonus. 🙂 ) In the 4 years we’ve lived here we’ve hardly seen so much as a flake, so a pretty white dusting of powder really made our weekend! That and of course Valentines Day. I hope everyone… Continue reading

Unhappy Hipsters

Laugh out loud funny! I look forward to my daily fix. The surrealistic humor is like a modern home version of the Far Sides. Enjoy them here. You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between Modernist architecture and postmodern ornamentation. (Dwell, February/March 2006) The things that once so defined him —… Continue reading