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Modern Homes – surPLUShome & ZEROW House

Final results rolled in Friday for the Solar Decathlon 2009 and Team Germany claimed the win! This year’s entry, the surPLUShome, featured a glossy dark facade that was almost entirely covered in photovoltaic panels. Very sleek! I think I would have preferred to get rid of the wood trim and have it be more monochromatic,… Continue reading

Modern Home – The Ehrlich House

I came across this gorgeous modern house when I was window shopping (literally shopping for windows). All I knew was that the jpeg was titled Ehrlich. I automatically assumed it was Ehrlich Architects, but after perusing their site I couldn’t find this house anywhere. After hunting around a bit I found it! It turns out… Continue reading

Modern Home – Kohler Residence by Zack | de Vito Architecture

This 2,600 sq ft modern home replaced a derelict warehouse in the Mission District. It was designed to reflect the qualities of the existing warehouse, yet it manages to avoid feeling cold and stark. Check out those amazing pivot doors!!! Click on the link below for more pics.

Our latest challenge: Modern Stairs

Okay. I know exactly what I need as far as stairs go: open flight stairs with metal stringers on the sides. Looks like this: Shouldn’t be too hard right? Guess again! Finding someone to fabricate them has proven to be well… nearly impossible. I’ve contacted a dozen metal fabricators and none of them are willing… Continue reading