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Photo finals: Vote for Kenzie!

Hi Everyone! Today is final vote for the Modernica Pets on Furniture photo contest! As you know, Kenzie made it through to the finals last Thursday. (Thank you to all who voted for her!) Please take a moment today to vote for our great dane baby by clicking here. (Poll now closed.) Voting ends tonight… Continue reading

Our latest challenge: Modern Stairs

Okay. I know exactly what I need as far as stairs go: open flight stairs with metal stringers on the sides. Looks like this: Shouldn’t be too hard right? Guess again! Finding someone to fabricate them has proven to be well… nearly impossible. I’ve contacted a dozen metal fabricators and none of them are willing… Continue reading

Affordable Solar Panels

Good news. For those of you who¬† have been considering investing in solar power, now may be the time to do it. According to an article yesterday in the New York Times, solar panel prices have dropped nearly 40% since this time last year. Experts are predicting that prices will continue to fall (though not… Continue reading

Our Modern Home Update

We met with our contractor – Chad Crowe of By the C Builders – at the house this week. He didn’t laugh, cry, or run the other way screaming so that’s a good sign. In fact, he even said the word “doable”. In other news… we’re expecting to get our first peek at the plans… Continue reading

Our Modern Home Update

Progress on our modern home is slow going and here’s why. The house is currently in such terrible shape that no bank will lend on this property unless we either A) put 20% down and then pay for the addition and any and all repairs out of pocket B) with seller’s permission arrange and pay… Continue reading