CB2 Miami

cb2 miami

We stopped by the CB2 store in Miami last week. Fun, fun! I wish they had more locations. It’s nice to be able to see an item in person before buying it. For example, I posted here about knitted poufs and mentioned the one from CB2. From the images online and in the catalog, I didn’t think that it looked like very good quality, but after seeing them in person I may have had a change of heart. The knitting is thicker and a little nicer than I expected. I’m not saying they are on the same level as the Urchin Poufs or anything, but for $75 they make a unique, multifunctional piece of furniture that will bring a little color and texture to your room. Not too shabby. Also, they’re now available in gray and orange. I think the green may be discontinued, but they still have them in the stores.

Knitted Poufs

Images via CB2