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We went for a walk.

I can’t go to Dolphin Head without taking a gazillion photos with the iphone. It annoys Brad to no end. I finally talked the boys into a walk over the weekend. I sort of snuck it in – putting on their clothes and shoes when they weren’t paying attention, then springing it on them last second. Worked… Continue reading


“I go! Look, Mommy, I go!” We celebrated Memphis’s 2nd birthday last week with a glow in the dark party. Hopefully it made up for last years cake blobs ball failure. I ordered a black light for one of his gifts (for sensory play) and decided to make a theme out of it. Not as much glowed as… Continue reading

Christmas Recap

It’s not too late for a Christmas recap is it? Not in my world! Christmas 2012 included lots of food, games, toys, and late nights. I think Christmas is way more fun with kids. We were as excited for them to open their presents as they were! 🙂   James – apparently the only toy… Continue reading

The Christmas Lights at North Forest Beach

We packed up the kiddos and headed down to North Forest Beach Saturday night to check out the Christmas lights we’d heard tale of. A group of neighbors gets together each year to decorate their entire street with twinkle lights and pump the night sky with bubbles and Christmas tunes. Nothing professional, but it’s magical… Continue reading


Timely and on topic. That’s me! For FHE the week of Thanksgiving we taught the lesson on recognizing our blessings and showing our gratitude for them. Lately I’ve been trying to get the boys into crafting so… we made gratitude turkeys! Don’t be jealous of our mad crafting skills. Ezra cut out the feathers himself… Continue reading