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Fingerprint Papercuts

Will posting twice today make up for the fact that I haven’t posted since last Thursday? I’ll pretend that it does. These fingerprint papercuts that D*S featured today are rockin’ my socks. So nifty! (Yes, I use words like nifty. Doesn’t everyone?) They would make great wedding, anniversary, or baby gift. I won’t lie –… Continue reading

Modern Family Tree

I’m loving these modern family trees. They are so stylish!  Per the artist: “In designing modern genealogy charts, my hope is that your history and your connections will serve as a very personal form of art on your walls—one that inspires curiosity, reminiscing, and storytelling.” Buy one here. Via Stephmodo.

Soft Rock

Do you ever come across a design and think ‘Wow, that’s clever!’ ? These felt stones from Ronel Jordaan do that for me. They look like large solid stones, but they’re actually soft wool felt. Ronel’s interior collection includes rock cushions, pillows, throws, curtains, lighting and pebble rugs. All very pretty.

Great Expectations

Brad and I found out we were expecting the week before Mother’s Day so for my Mother’s Day present he added to my collection of Penguin Classics clothbound books with Great Expectations. More a play on the title than the actual story, but still isn’t he sweet/clever? I love that man!

The Reason

I know posting is hit and miss around here lately. There’s a good reason. It’s because I’m pregnant! (Woo hoo!) Young baby # 2 is on the way and we’re crazy excited, but the downside is the wicked morning sickness. All I want to do is sleep, which is great because my medication for nausea… Continue reading