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Hang On Wall Hanger

This would make a nifty DIY project for those of you who are so inclined. And for those who aren’t inclined (or crafty) no worries, you can buy it here. I want a sequined jacket…

Pure Komachi Knives

My sister called me up the other day to tell me that she’d found the perfect knives for me. I think she’s right! How great are these colorful knives?? Brad’s not so sure about them, but I think it would be nice to have a sunny little rainbow greet you every time you open the… Continue reading


Forget the clapper! I want this lamp: Bang! from Bitplay looks like any other lamp, but doesn’t have an on/off switch. Instead, you use the gun to “shoot” the light on and off. Awesome, right? Of course the gun would probably be lost in a day or two… at least in my house anyway. Via

World’s Most Popular Pillow

And the award goes to… Ikea’s Stockholm Cushion!! Okay so maybe it doesn’t hold any official title, but I think it should. I’ve seen it in like a gazillion interior shots. Here are a few: Second place goes to another cushion from Ikea: You’ve got to admit, they look good no matter what room they’re… Continue reading

Ostrich Feather Chandelier

May I please have this light? If only I had a good spot in the house for it. The entry maybe? The “Fiela se Feather Light” is from South African designer Haldane Martin. There is also a pretty arc style lamp available. Be sure to check out Martin’s home tour on Apartment Therapy.