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Our Modern Home: Choosing a new location

As you may remember form our last update, we walked away from the house we had planned to remodel into a modern home and decided to build from scratch instead. Since then we’ve been scouting around the island looking for a new location to build our modern house. We have a few requirements that the… Continue reading

Modern Baby Burp Cloths

I have to take a moment to brag on my talented sister-in-law Erin. She created a series of modern baby burp cloths and coordinating wipe cases. Aren’t they just so cute? I ordered a couple for some of my expecting friends. I was a little late sending a gift to Ashley, who welcomed her baby… Continue reading

The promised update:

As you may have noticed progress on the house has been slow. Embarrassingly slow. It got to the point that when people would ask us how the house was coming along we got all shifty eyed, mumbled something unintelligible, and took off running the other way. But we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made several… Continue reading

Hang Tight!

It recently occurred to me that we haven’t posted an update on our modern house in ages.  Sorry about that! I’ll put a post together for you full of all the juicy details. There have been lots of changes. I mean LOTS! (Actually “lots” might just be a keyword… Ooh teaser!!) So stay tuned!